Graphics outsourcing

Do you develop IT product without your own graphics team?
Why don’t you try outsourcing?

In order to build an outstanding product various teams of specialists has to cooperate. You need managers, developers, testers and… graphics. However building new team takes time and money.
Organizing people is a big deal.

Let us join you. We are ready to cooperate with managers, developers and testers. We will design visual site of your product and support you on every step of implementation.

We work with managers
to understand the needs
of business and industry.

Graphical design is much more than just the choice of colors and fonts. Together with managers we design flows and processes inside the app. We make them simple and intuitive, build the structure of navigation, highlight critical information.

In order to design human-first application we talk to managers to understand the business. The more we know the better design we can prepare.

We work with developers to prepare designs that are easy to be implemented.

For the last five years we have worked in IT business and we are fully aware that not every nice idea is easy to be implemented. That’s why our designs are based on common components and libraries that can be downloaded by every dev. However we still consult our designs with developers responsible for each project since applications are implemented in various technologies.

We will support you as often

as you need.

The overall design may not end our cooperation. Have you forgotten about
a couple of screens? Or maybe you have
a great, new idea which changes a little bit the design? Don’t worry we will support every time you call us.

Adjust our work time to
project’s needs.

First steps of creating a product requires
a lot of graphics work. After the beginning of implementation graphical team only supports you. Don’t waste money on paying graphics the same amount of money no matter what they do. Adjust our worktime to your needs.